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If you are thinking about replacing the existing windows in your home in Sacramento, an excellent choice is to use sliding windows. A sliding window, sometimes also called gliding window has a fixed pane and a sliding pane which moves along a track inside the frame to open or close. It is a perfect space-saving option, especially when the window can interfere with decks, patios or walkways. Many homeowners prefer installing sliding windows due to their functionality, durability and low maintenance.

Sliding Windows Replacement Sacramento

Simonton’s sliding windows feature the style, look and proportion of elegant wood windows. They are available in a wide variety of interesting designs that can complement both modern and traditional homes. We offer a broad range of grill styles such as Colonial, Victorian, Queen Anne, Perimeter Single, Perimeter Double and Double Queen Anne. Soft coat Low E glass is standard in all of Simonton’s windows that has exceptional insulation qualities and help increase energy-efficiency and functionality. You can choose to install 2-lite slider window that will provide maximum light and airflow to the home, or 3-lite slider windows that can add contemporary style to any living room.

Even a little detail can make a big difference, so we offer a variety of hardware choices to complete the styling of your sliding windows replacement in Sacramento. You can opt for the gleaming brass hardware for an upscale look, or the unique color matched hardware for a traditional appearance. The operable windows come with color-matched, easy to use pull stiles which are extruded into the sash for improved durability over time.

Simonton Sliding Windows Sacramento

Simonton provides complete warranties on all its products including sliding windows installation, which will protect you against manufacturing defects. We offer comprehensive windows installation and replacement services at competitive prices. Whether you want to repair sliding windows in your home in Sacramento or just want to get them replaced, we can assist you. Get free window replacement quote NOW!

Choose your windows wisely.

Thanks to Simonton’s unprecedented reputation for outstanding quality, you can be sure that Simonton is a choice you’ll be glad you made. It’s that same legendary quality, built into each of their windows that helps ensure they will function precisely as they were intended, while providing years of enjoyment for you and your family.
Why else would Simonton Windows be ranked #1?

Our windows feature a traditional frame design that compliments classic architecture. Offering energy efficiency that far outperforms ENERGY STAR® standards, helping you reduce heating and cooling bills. Our available styling options will make your home stand out with a wide selection of colors, hardware finishes, and decorative glass and grid designs.

Note* – All features and options not available on all styles

Styles Available



Energy-Star-Small-LogoNo matter where you live, Simonton windows and doors can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for any region of the country. Helping reduce your heating and cooling costs and meet the guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.


AAMA-Small-LogoThanks to AAMA Gold Certification, you can be sure Simonton windows and doors meet the highest performance standards for air and water infiltration resistance, structural integrity and forced entrys.

Energy Efficiency

  • Vinyl is one of the least conductive materials available to help maintain consistent temperatures in your home
  • Reduce temperature transfer to help lower energy costs and keep your home comfortable all year long
  • 3/4” insulating glass unit set deep into the sash reduces temperature transfer and condensation
  • Reduce the transfer of heat and flexes with temperature fluctuations to maintain an effective seal

No Hassles

  • Designed to lift, slide or crank with minimal effort
  • Grids between-the-glass provide a smooth easy to clean glass surface
  • Vinyl construction will never require sanding, painting and scraping

A Breath of Fresh Air

  • Rollformed screen frame
  • Full screen or half screen
  • Fiberglass mesh screen is crease resistant and durable

Built to Weather Life

  • Fusion-welded construction provides durability and weather-resistance
  • Multiple points of weatherstripping inhibit wind and rain penetration

Beauty that Endures

  • The sleek, contoured exterior will beautifully complement your home’s architecture
  • Premium vinyl will retain its beauty for years with virtually no maintenance
  • Color-matched hardware blends seamlessly with the window

Glass Options


Colorful options. Unforgettable style.

Choose from a wide selection of color, grid and style options to accomplish the look you want. Standard vinyl colors are molded throughout the vinyl for long-lasting beauty. You can select from exterior colors, woodgrain interiors and unique hardware options that complement your home brilliantly.