Through 2007-2010 California Energy Consultant Service proudly offered Tostem Bi-fold, and French patio doors from Tostem America Corporation. The cutting edge innovative products were sold to builders, architects, and dealers primarily on the West Coast.

The luxury window and door market suffered during the recession, and as a result Tostem America Corp. pulled its operations out of the US in 2010. However Tostem America did honor their manufacturer’s warranty for a limited time after departing from the US. Unfortunately this has since expired.

After the manufactures warranty expired we (CECS) worked with our past customers with any manufacturer related issues on a chargeable basis. We always guarantee our installations but it’s always up to the manufacturer to guarantee the product. We felt obligated to help our customers as these doors are unique and unserviceable by anyone else due to lack of parts. As a past dealer we were still able to order parts from Japan and take care of our customer’s issues as they arose.

Unfortunately in 2011 Tostem Corp. was integrated into a new company named Lixil Corporation. After the merger we were no longer able to get parts as easy. And after a few redesigns the old parts were virtually impossible to procure due to communication issues and all that goes alone with a merger.

The good news is after much persistence (two years) we have established a new relationship with Lixil Corp. and we are now able to procure parts. Now we can proudly help our customers avoid an otherwise hopeless situation by offering parts and support to fix their door issues. We will ship parts anywhere in the US and can offer guidance to their local door technician, and for our local Northern CA market our techs can offer service as well as supply the parts.

So you can find us, we copied some text and photos from Tostem’s old website.

image006 (4) Bi-fold Patio Doors

The Bi-fold Patio Door maintains a unique and innovative system of folding panels that can be adjusted towards one side, or divided between the right and left side of the frame. In between each panel is a thick, protective weather seal that also serves as a safeguard against accidental finger closure between the panels. Incorporated into the Bi-fold door is a pleated, retractable insect screen, as well as a two-point locking system. The top-hung mounting system reduces resistance, and creates an overall effortless operation. The Bi-fold Patio Door was awarded the “Cool Product” award at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in 2005 and was voted #25 in the Residential Design & Build Top 100 Products.

image007 (2) French Patio Doors

The French Door is available as a choice between a single or a double door component. Equipped with a three point locking system, it is an elegant, yet durable unit for virtually every home.

image008 (3) Double Sliding Patio Doors

The Double Sliding Patio Door offers both versatility and function, allowing access from either side – with two separate openings versus the standard slider, which only has a single sided opening. The lever-assist handles, with a two-point locking system, are light and easy for all ages to operate.

image009 (1) Backyard Doors

The Backyard Door, is a French Door with a capacity to move two sections of glass, thus providing a fresh air vent without actually having to open the door.

image010 (1) Caterpillar Insect Screens

The insect screen is standard with the Bi-fold Patio Door, and has the capacity to fold closely against either side of the frame. It is also available for use with other products. The screen glides on a thin rail, guided by a caterpillar system, and is comprised of a durable, pleated, see-though black mesh. The system can be easily re-mounted in case of accidental detachment.




Click HERE for the Tostem Warranty